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For the absolute most responsible Junk Removal Company in the Jacksonville Florida area call J-Junk for all of your clean out needs.

Modern Junk Hauling Trucks

We love to come over and pick up your junk. We specialize in hauling all kinds of debris and trash in and around the Jacksonville area. Helping the people of Jacksonville with getting rid of appliances, furniture, tree and yard waste.

We Haul Away and Recycle What We Can

Some junk removal companies in Jacksonville will haul away things and not take the time to figure out what can be recycled and what can't but at J-Junk we look through everything we pick up to make sure there are no unwanted chemicals and to separate out resources to be recycled if we can.

Safety is a High Priority at All Times

Safety is very important to us here at J-Junk. We take pride in delivering our service in a safe responsible manner. Safety is a choice we all make and the best thing to do is stay alert so no one gets hurt.


The Home of Junk Removal In Jacksonville Florida

If you need junk removal or you need a couch hauled off to the dump or any other household goods we can help you out. We will haul off any kind of furniture, metal, concrete, recyclables or almost anything else you can come up with.

Have you ever had a weekend where you just want everything cleaned up around the house and you thought to yourself “we should just get rid of this junk”? I know I’ve done it, and I hate having things around the house that we never use that I consider trash. That’s why we started junk hauling in Jacksonville FL. and it’s called J-Junk, cool name hun?

Debris Pick-up

At J-Junk we take pride in having the best junk removal service in Jacksonville Florida. If you are looking to clean up junk out in the garage or maybe get rid of that old couch you don’t use, we have couch pick up if you need it and we can also come over and help you straighten out that garage of yours. We will even help you sort all your stuff into piles and figure out what to do with it if you want us to. We are a full service debris pick up and we’ll even sweep up the garage after we’re done. Oh and it’s not just couches we haul away we will pick up anything else you have with our furniture pick up service.

The trash hauling business is something we take pride in and we love to get our hands dirty. We will pick up that metal recycling pile of aluminum cans and deliver it to the proper recycling facility so you don’t have to. We will even go to a salvage yard if you have other types of scrap metal to get rid of.

Garbage Just Seems to Pile Up

The longer you live somewhere the more garbage seems to pile up. I remember we lived in a house for 10 years and when we moved I couldn’t believe all the stuff we had been storing in the garage and attic that I never even knew was there. Let alone use that stuff. This was before we were hauling junk and doing debris removal so we did end up hiring a junk man to come over and do some trash removal service for us.

The thing about living in Jacksonville is we have everything. If you need a service we got it. If you have an old refrigerator and you need someone to come and get it we have refrigerator pick up so no worries.

Private Trash Collection

Where can I take my trash? Why you can give it to us, we have private trash collection with some of the best guys working for us that you could meet. We love these guys! And being around these guys makes trash pickup all the more fun. At J-Junk we don’t seem to get guys that aren’t hard workers, I guess we’ve been kind of lucky that way. And we treat everyone like family, including our beloved customers. We realize you are what makes this business work and we appreciate every single one of you.

But I want to get back to the story, I’m sorry I get sidetracked sometimes because I get so excited about hard work. I was living in Orange Park and was trying to sell the darn house and it was a very slow market for selling at the time but I needed to clean the place up and get rid of rubbish I didn’t need and salvage what I could. I’m kind of a recycler is what I like to call it. I collect things. My collections get quite large at times and to most people the stuff I collect is not worth keeping but hey you have to have a hobby right? But the mark of a truly selfless man is that he can do junk pick up and be full of pride doing it. You see hauling trash is not the most glamorous job in the world, but from what I’ve seen you run across some of the most interesting people in the Jacksonville area.

If you need garbage removal or if you want us to clean up your garage and pick up junk or if you just want us to pick up a couch just let us know and we’d be happy to do it!

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